I have had many fun sessions in my life, but couples boudoir is a whole different realm of emotions, headspace, and creativity. My approach to a couples boudoir session is very classy, sensual, timeless, exotic, and a bit teasing. It leaves more room for imagination and emotions. I don't believe in a BAM, here it is type of approach. Instead, I ease into the session, taking the time to look at all the details from head to toe.

My level of comfort has grown significantly since starting boudoir photography, and I have to say this growth comes from a place where it's been influenced and supported by my own clients. They see my art as a muse and not something that is done because everyone else is doing it or it's a trend. I invest myself into every session, infusing the space with trust, communication, laughter, and vulnerability. It's a lot to balance, but I find that my personality allows me to ease these intimate moments.

S+M traveled from Texas for their second session, and I am forever grateful for this couple because they were the ones that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. They allowed themselves to be in front of someone who sees their potential, and were they right! The best part of S+M is their level of confidence with each other. I admire people who carry their confidence throughout their personality and into their relationship. They know what they want and what they are open to exploring together.

These are keywords that also allow photographers stepping into boudoir to grow into.

Thier approach to this session was going to be a step up from their first session with me. Now keep in mind that everyone's level of comfort are different and it's important to be respectful and understanding. This is where negative experiences and behiors start to boil down to. Clearly they were excited and gave a lot of insight on what they were wanting and felt comfortable enough to book me again!

For this second session, they wanted to include a bit of bondage, paddles, choking and more intimacy! Say less!