yg after dark model call

I am in search of two couples for an erotica boudoir shoot.

What is an erotica boudoir session with YG After Dark?

The style I am developing combines flirty, sensual, erotic, nude artful moments. I will take the opportunity to get to know both of you. We will discuss boundaries, likes, and dislikes and brainstorm together. This is an experience for both of you, and I want to cultivate your desires in this shoot. The end goal is to build deeper connections, create heart-pounding experiences, and foster deep intimacy—which looks and feels different for everyone.​ That's what makes it so pure!

What is the definition of erotica?

Erotica is literature or art that deals substantively with subject matter that is erotic, sexually stimulating or sexually arousing. Some critics regard pornography as a type of erotica, but many consider it to be different. (source: the internet)

What do the models receive?

  • Hair and Makeup (will be done at the hotel)
  • A fully edited gallery of 25+ digital images
  • Paid for hotel for the session only
  • Print Rights
  • Returning Client Discount
  • Guides on How to Prep

Location Details:

There will be two different locations. Each one holds different vibes and lighting.

  • Hotel in Downtown Sacramento
  • Hotel in Nevada City, CA


  • Must be comfortable with being in front of the camera
  • Must be comfortable with photos being used for marketing and advertisement (mainly website & social media)
  • Must be a couple; it is open to ALL couples!


Please fill out the consult form, and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours. A Zoom consult will be the next step. The zoom call will be a "getting to know the both of you" to ensure we are all on the same page and to answer any questions you may have.

Yo! What's up! I'm your photographer,


​As an established photographer, I ​didn't always know I would eventually step into erotica boudoir photography. However, I took my time to gain enough experience and comfort with myself and my clients before taking on this level of art in my career. I'm incredibly excited to enter this intimate and vulnerable space and be trusted to capture each special moment from my unique perspective. It's a bold move, but I'm eager to explore this style of art and create even deeper connections with my clients through my work.​ If you're new here, you will notice that my style is playful, classy, and flirty yet still maintains an element of suspense and curiosity.